Monday, April 28, 2003

dont wanna be you
dont wanna be just like you

'sports day' today.
note the quotation mark & the italics.
:( no spectators allowed.
i wait the whole damn fucking year for this day ?
to cheer for my house,
to scream my lungs out for da GREENIES ?!
& i cant watch.
and ..
and ..
uh ..
cant watch her run la.

-pouts :(
hdguidbviydrgbidyurbvyuergeyurbgius ..

wretched SARS.

so many people i want to watch.
ncuiewnxyuecbyeuiuayqjfe7809wincebyq ..

·· you said its over
i said "that's ok,
i wasn't into you anyway"
i told you lately
"you irritate me your laugh is too loud
you're the last girl I'd look at
if you were in a crowd

could you tell?
i was lying and hiding the truth away
& what i really wanted to say

is you are incredible you are amazing
you blow my mind one of a kind
i'm having a meltdown

you are incredible you are amazing
but sometimes telling the truth
is easier said than done,
"don't leave baby" -
now that's what i meant to say ··

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