Thursday, May 1, 2003

build me up buttercup

oww ..
my weary muscles.
going to seek refuge in bengay i tell you.
can barely walk properly.

& i so want to watch X2 right now.
-stomps around.

OW !

okay my muscles ache.
... cos i stomped around.
gee what is wrong with me tonight.
must be clay's voice :)
he's damn amazing i tell you.

i sense maozedong beckoning me,
to that dreaded green history book of the past.

/crawls away.

justin guarini & kelly clarkson / timeless

baby come close let me tell you this
in a whisper my heart says you know it too
baby we both share a secret wish
& you feelin’ my love reaching out to you

don’t let it end
now that you’re right here in my arms where you should stay
hold tight baby
don’t let it fade out of sight
just let the moments sweep us both away
lifting us to where
we both agree
it’s just timeless love

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