Saturday, June 7, 2003

faded in the blackout you left me in

nada work accomplished today.
-childishly sticks tongue out @ everyone else.
i'm in such deep shite with myself
its like im giving myself alot of guilt for NOT studying
but not enough to get me off the jacked bed
bah bah blah ~

listening to american hi-fi
it's the whole 'american' thing now in vaworld now
what with the replay of american hi-fi and the all-american rejx
next thing you know,
i'm listening to
american nightclub, american head charge, american hearbreak, american pearl, american nightmare ..
yes, they actually do exist.

don't wanna make you hurt
don't wanna make you feel
like the world ain't on your side
like you're never gonna get it right
no i can't fight i can't sleep at night
just thinking about you girl
i'm a fool for you
yes i am

you've been on my mind
since i saw you walking by
i knew i had to know you better you were everything
but i didn't know what to say
so you just walked away
i couldn't believe what a fool i was to let you go
cause that i've been waiting for a girl like you
and i know there's nothing i could do

~ american hi-fi / i'm a fool

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