Sunday, June 22, 2003

got a greeting can't say what it's all about
but my middle finger is gonna carry it out

headed down to town after school with char.
took neos :)
strolled past casually twice.
lol ~

met j in town.
just shopped around walked around
bought a couple of shirts from flesh imphe's too cute i tell you :)
we've bought same ones !
hers is grey and mine's pink :D
hmmm but j doesnt seem to agree with my taste
walked some more
went to the zoo :)
the wildlife @ orchard thingy
caught the animal show
she refused to walk back to heeren with me
met sam & steph
headed to bigO for dinner
totally broke :\

/ flowery skirt from heeren ~ $45
/ nike dunks from leftfoot ~ $159
/ nike acg from b.i.r.d ~ $124
/ nike AF1's from wheelock ~ $120 something

you've been,
outsmarted - i'm selling you for scrap.
now i'm the kid who put the shit back in place
and i'm the one who threw it back in your face.
it took a little bit of intellectual shit, diversity and wit.
now you're the kid who put the "L" back in lame
and you're the one who always fitted the frame.
no suspicion, no clue.
~ the hives / outsmarted

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