Monday, June 16, 2003

i love you like a fat kid love cake

of course you know the title of this entry isn't bad grammer
but 50cent lyrics.

caught finding nemo :)
it was nemo-ing good i tell you.
mulled around ..
headed to yang's party with great food & mahjong
t'was pretty fun.

flag day was blah.
ate dinner @ the bloodbros cafe
then headed down to acs
caught twelfth night
call me dumb
call me shallow
but i didn't get it at all
was asleep half of the second half
well it was worth watching the dance and seeing the school !
trying to console myself here.
then went down to newton and suppered with sam yangs and peis
yum :)

a brief recap.
can't seem to elaborate much.

i believe i'm in a bad mood girl
& i hope it won't last too long
last time i had a bad mood girl
everything turned out wrong
i'm living in a bad mood world
the heart's bleeding
don't it make you cry

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