Monday, June 2, 2003

it's no use trying anymore

off to nap soon.
energy's on kazza now :D
feeling .. at peace as long as they're on the playlist.

EM test was shite.
have lit mocks tomorrow :|
bah ~

here's a quiz.

I TRY: .. too hard,
I KNOW: that life isn't all a bed of roses right now
I WANT: to be happy i want everyone to be happy
I WISH: for things that i'll never get. maybe that's why i wish for em' right
I HATE: rampantly
I MISS: being able to pass tests effortlessly
I FEAR: .. fearing.
I HEAR: literally ? errrr energy on kazza babe.
I SEARCH: for eternal peace. HAHA right.
I BELIEVE: in things most people dont.
I WONDER: why the world is the way it is now.
I REGRET: procrastinating, and thinking too much into things
I LOVE: love.
I CARE: too much too easily
I ALWAYS: want something i don't or cant have
I DANCE: to make me happy :D
I SING: whenever a nice song comes on
I CRY: under my blanket
I FIGHT: with myself
I WRITE: when i need to
I WIN: and it feels good ~
I LOSE: alot. A LOT.
I CONFUSE: myself.
I LISTEN: & try to understand
I NEED : -thinks.
I BREATHE: , live & eat.
I SHOULD: shut up and bury my head in books
I DREAM: of a heck of alot of bizzare shite
I FEEL: i should seriously get away from the computer now
I AM NOT: smart enough to keep up with this society man. (?)

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