Thursday, July 10, 2003

i'll give you the moon at night
i'll give you the stars to light your eyes

caught the twins effect just now
omg i swear i nearly swooned off my seat
my husband edison is truly amazing :)
altho i'm sharing him with about 198794 people
the love is deep
i want to have children with the guy
hahahah oh my god
i need help.

and ooh,
its edison's birthday today.
happy 23rd birthday babe

headed to heeren
legs got wobbly
practically fell down
which makes sense ..
cos it means i'm falling for uh-hum right

thanks SAM for being the best eyecandy-partner. EVER :D

i wish you'd look at me that way
your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine
telling me more than any words could say
but you don't even know i'm alive
baby, to you, all i am is the invisible man

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