Thursday, October 2, 2003

superheros and their chemical tears

this is going to be a long entry
brace yourself

been having JC talks lately
RJ, AJ, CJ, NJ, TJ and NYP (okay so thats not a JC)
and the VJ talk's tomorrow
am looking forward to that
really dont know what to do with my life from now
JC seems so .. appealing
feeling absolutely direction-less right now
though i know i don't have much of a choice anyway

NELled down to chinatown today with claud and char
then to town to meet sam and ve for a bit
then LJS for dinner

monkeyface jcg :)
ah, highlight of my oh-so-shallow day
can you belive i'm sixteen
well anyway

and there everyone was trying to help me capture him on cam
thanks marns and wyn
and they sorta did
which is good
and wyn wanted to ask for more
and shy ol me scooted off before i could see if she really did

and he was working today
not that it matters really matters la
and i mean that with every fibre of my fibrous body
but man
he is such a treat

the day ended well with my jcg sighting
walking, breathing endorphins
they're like chocolates
oh someone shut me up

i swear i'm giving up my inside
to the one that i adore
i know this world is big enough for you and i
but i'll give you more

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