Thursday, November 13, 2003

web of lice

if you're not in the mood to read the boring muses of yours truly, do skip to the last paragraph.

congratulations to the survivors. now prepare for a fullblown ranting session. again.
my aching feet are (oh surprise surprise) still aching
which makes me reconsider my whole malono blahnik deal. i mean, blahniks are not meant for walking in. and i'm not really into the whole "walking" thing.
sam and i have decided that blahniks are meant solely for decorative purposes
you wear them when you elegantly step out of your chauffeur-driven car (fully clad in gucci and burberry mind you), waltz into your dinner party as if you're wearing wings on your feet, stand around and talk about your stocks and drink martini cocktails and then waltz right back into your merc and take them off cos your feet are aching like a mother
like my feet are now
ah yes
daily insights from me

anyway we saw plenty of service pricks yesterday
DOH they shouldn't even be in the service business
cos i mean damnit SMILE garh will it kill you ?!
didn't you receive that forwarded email where they say it takes blahblah amount of muscles to smile and thrice that amount to frown ?! or pout ?! or look like your whole family went on a holiday to the carribean and didn't invite you ?!
but aside from that it was the best friend's birthday yesterday
i walked, yes i did, in new heels and for some godforsaken reason they started to eat my feet alive leaving me limping away yet still unrelentlessly trying to look as if it was some cool as hell reason as to why i was walking like a frog.
like maybe i sprained my toe while dancing ballet at the esplanade .. or something.
now have a whole new wishlist compiled after my trip to topshop
i hope my plan of duping my mother to bring me to coca works (because of my immense need of fatfree food - steamboat) and then we'd just happen to swing by topshop and get some items of my choice

we have reached the last paragraph. hello to all those people who have skipped the two paragraphs in between. anyway another happy birthday to the best friend, i hope you really did have a happy one :) dont want to be mushy but aiyo love you lah. and to all taggers i appreciate the tagging definitely. thanks a bunch. off i go to daydream about sipping pina coladas (with those cute as hell umbrellas perched on the side of the glass) at the seaside of pre-bomb bali.

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