Sunday, February 22, 2004

"how can you hear me
you don't have ears either"

... says spongebob to patrick
hahaha oh he cracks me up

fun-o-rama pics up

fun-o-rama came and went
it was a jam-packed day and as with all funfairs i attend i didn't quite fully milk it of it's joy BUT nevertheless i'd say i enjoyed myself

. i ate a lot of candyfloss
. i wasted 80 bucks at the corporate gift store
. sat with the girls at the bleachers for an hour and just had a nice chat
. went to a haunted house (shan't say which) and laughed a lot it was .. funny
. BUT was too scared to go to the one at LT5 altho i bought tickets.
. .. thus magnifying my status as a world-class coward
. i suck at popping pimples especially ballooon sized ones

well yes.
and that's it.

went out with hui today
had an urge to splurge and shopping I SWEAR is so therapeutic.
bought some things i probably don't need but OH well.
caught 'honey' and all i can say is jessica alba?
she's -sssss- sizzling.
if, for nothing else, check out the movie just for her cos she looks incredibly amazing in every scene.
absolutely amazing.

tell me i'm wrong aye

i've fallen .. head over heels
i've fallen .. in love with you
i've fallen .. and i can't get up
don't wanna get up because of love

you compliment me, not an accessory
you're necessary
whenever this big bad world scares me
you're there with me
security, are you here with me
you're my happiness, my joy
i smile because of you boy
i look forward to the time i spend with you
whatever it is we do
'cause i've fallen for you boy

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