Thursday, March 25, 2004

it all seems broken now
when i'm stuck on the in between
staring at something out of reach

more tiring days of school
and i think doing a lot of nothing just makes everyone more sleepy
the hours in school seem to craaaawl by even with me not going for like every lecture of the day.
actually i think the one time today i felt awake was actually during the econs lecture cos i was eating choc chip cookies and trying to plan out my schedule and all that nonsense

was a baad day in school today because i was jackass tired
cos yesterday there was dance from 230-730
and if your math is half good you'd be able to calculate a total of FIVE hours of dance

the only good part was the 20 minute break when we were all telling lame jokes and funny stories and watching wayne eat his wholemeal bread. ("i only eat wholemeal bread. cos it's a WHOLE MEAL")

didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep last night and for me, THAT'S A FEAT
don't debate me
so i basically had this deadpan look on my face the entire day
all i wanted was to come home and sleep

rushed home like nobody's business after the gates opened at 1230
and HAH
i was locked out
i had no key and no one was home
and so there i was,
stranded for an hour, talking to a myriad of people on the phone before my mommy came back and saved me.
i was last found lying on the floor looking very pathetic

napping is healthy.

i have a very bad feeling about things.
very, very bad.

audio: n*e*r*d - she wants to move

wax: you pulled yourself out? why? where are you now? haha questions galore

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