Tuesday, November 7, 2006


This kinda betrays the sentiment of my last entry (fingers still crossed for Titus)
And waaaaay too much fluff for election day but omg:

I feel like i'm in 1998 but she looks so much better already.

To my defense (that is, to you thinking that I have cotton candy for brains which is not entirely false but), I saw this running on the CNN bar ("breaking news") whilst watching Anderson Cooper analyze and assay and do his blue-eyed thang for Election Day 2006.

CNN, y'all.
Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Very cute blog!
I was happy for Brit as well.
It's about time she divorces that loser/mooch and get back to her rockin self! :]

jupiterandmars said...

anderson cooper is gay.i mean,duh right? hahaha

sarah said...

I CAN TAG YOU OREADY! heheee (: <3


huis! said...

i found myself adopting yamapi's style of walking today. i'd say, that's not good.

... because he walks crazy.