Thursday, December 14, 2006

pup wars

Meet Pompee.


He's a 3 month old little yorkie who's as cute as a button..
And just about as big as one too.
Meek, mild, and sweet beyond belief - Plus he's got the handshaking thing down pat.
And got the softest miniature pawpads, evar.

To correctly pronounce his name, you have to think in pinyin. Pom(3) Pee(1). There ya go. His parents are a pair of adorable weirdos who have gone back to HK for winter break. If you remember this post.. Yes his dad's the french maid.

Pom's actually older than Marsh by a couple of days but Marshie is quite a great deal bigger than him. And stronger. More hostile. And infinitely more violent.

She's still our precious baby girl.

And a girl she definitely is.
With Pom in the house, her insecurities are out in full force.
The little munster actually does a don't-go death grip every time we touch her.

Like so.

She pounces on Pom with the aggression of a legitimate, but oppressive territorial leader.
As we say, like Mom(s), like daughter.


Pompee's retaliation?
Smart cookie, that one.


It's been too long but,
Guess who else loves dogs?



sarah said...

youre right abt me not being a good friend when it comes to meeting. but this time i blame my manio family. i owe you pocky in singapore. praw-miss! you have a safe flight tomorrow pls.

missrustybones said...

va hurry home & we can hangout !!

<3. vern