Thursday, December 28, 2006

ring those christmas bells

Christmas day was largely spent commuting around our little drizzly island
Though I'd like to think of it more as wanderlust. Local style.


Early morning Christmas breakfast near the Scout's association
What kinds of endorphins oily noodles release, idk.
But there's just gotta be something in there

Hit up bukit timah and bedok (mucho gracias, GPRS) in my quest for some good decadent chocolate cake for our shindig on the 30th
Was met with closed doors, a very efficient pau making operation and a KOF machine from way back when.

Pup scouting at pasir ris,

Followed by jostling with about two thirds of Singapore at the new Ikea in tampines

Failed meal attempts in the East
BB Big Ben's and Blooies,
Hello Feifei wantan mee.

Our favorite activity!
Supermarket shopping at Jelita, with the bright white lights and shiny aisles

So that was my mundane little Christmas day in a nutshell
In our pj's, with our stuffed green turtle and plenty of cartime
Nothing dazzling, nothing particularly thrilling

But magnificent all the same.

flatty and fatty

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