Thursday, December 21, 2006

three crosses

Still the mixers are mixing it
the fixers are fixing it
over inflated there's no restricting it

You're no captain scarlet
you're not indestructable
just who's in your pocket?

Quite possibly one of the worst nights.
I've seen real friendship and brotherhood in action, but it did almost nothing to mask the repulsion felt like never before.
How it managed to unravel such a torrent of negative emotions is still beyond me. It was sickening, saddening, and downright caustic.

To their unrivalled patience, stellar nerve-calming and timely visits..
I really can't thank the samaritans of our lives enough for all the aid last night.

This is not how Christmas season is supposed to be.

1 comment:

samantha said...

christmas is supposed to be when best friends are re-united. OMG. i cannot wait to see you. -hugs tight