Saturday, January 27, 2007

grace kelly


Sorry for the unintended hiatus friendies,
It's almost like the longer i don't post, the less i know what to post about

If you post about an incident on that very day,
it seems so much more real, so much bigger and infinitely more relevant
but if you wait, and wait, and wait some more
that story that happened in the restaurant with the waiter and that glass...
Just doesn't seem quite so funny anymore.

You know?

Update time.

- We finally caught Dreamgirls and jhud in all her goosebump-giving glory. You could hear the collective exhalation of 'wow' (in my case... day-uuuuum) after her solo. The tears escape from your eyes. I swear you dont' notice them till they're halfway down your face. After the movie, ting: "EH YOU ALL WANT TO GO SING KTV? I'm feeling verrry inspired"

- Only one cookout so far though. And by me. And yumsugar. And this recipe.
Granted mine didn't turn out quite as photogenic but our chocolate cravings were well and satisfied after this. And encore viewings of lovewrecked and mahjong on my trusty magenta throw.

- Ordinary weekend shopping where we threw on our pea coats and pretended to be tourists. And spent way too much. (DAMN YOU, STEVEY BOOTS)

- And yvonne and jane and their eternity at the scent department.

- And! The weather is looking so much better these days. The layers are dwindling (slowly) but nevertheless dwindling. HELLO SUNSHINE.. COME INTO MY LIIIIFE.

And then there's:

- School. Oy school, school, school school school.

- Yeah projects and assignments and homework galore. Stuffy classrooms and neverending meals at mitz.

- School's actually been okay so far. A fair bit busier this semester compared to the last few.. Hilarious side-splitting fire alarm debacles and spectating naps on the pavement.

- And a heck of alotta AY ZEE ENN. Priiiide.

My camera has been kind of desolate lately, lying in it's 'camera bag' (heh heh, those who know/ 've seen).. I really should start taking it out more. It needs action. Till i get around to that.. your friendly neighborhood satirist@blogger is just going to be dreary and boring and imageless.

And of course never getting enough of
- grey's anat-OMYGOD
- miami ink
- my crazy pms-ing, midnight grocery shopping, occassionally bra-free zone (HAHAHA SORRY) of gaggly girls
- lollipop boys (talent is overrated)
- mika and his sunshiney prock sounds
- and a whole lot of group nothingness.

And though sometimes it can feel like i'm looking at the world from the bottom of a well, it is good to be back in the ol' grind, getting back into the routine and falling asleep to the buzzing of a penguin shaped humidifier.


samantha said...

haha, OH MY GOD. your post is hella random. hehe. all the repeated words. hahahahahahahha.

sarah said...

YAY YOURE ALIVE. just so you ever feel lke gng snowboarding, pls know youre welcome in reno big time i will throw red carpet on the floor and put hawaiian flowers round your neck for you. ;)

Edith said...

HIIIIII. hahaha, OMG you have been like the living dead cos you hardly updated your blog. and NO MAIL. SOOOO. i must say welcome back to eart and have you been good ?

i just baked really horrid cookies supposedly being triple expresso chocolate chips but it looks and taste like sand paper :(

hahah MISS YUUUUU BBABABE. please at least say hi on gmail or msn LOVE

take home some lovin' said...

i canNOT wait for thursday!! i wonder who will accept the marriage proposals! (im assuming you're aware this is abt greys anatOMY GOD.)


huis! said...

YES YOU'RE ALIVE! i think i need to hold another barbeque to celebrate your brand new blog entry. HAHA and if it makes you happy.......

ai blawged tuu.

marns said...

HIiiii va. was just thinking about you and you finally, finally blogged :) i missed you !

take home some lovin' said...

watch my updates lady cossssss im most prob saying HI to Vegas next weekend baabbyyyyyy! keep that weekend kinda freee. im telling you in advance hokai.


huis! said...

do ya do ya do ya do ya wanna gimme a call some time?