Friday, February 16, 2007

my funny valentine

As much as i entirely agree that valentine's day is a manufactured consumerist hallmark occasion...

...I was still baking like a bloody fiend the eve of vday.
Then i surrounded myself with almost every shade of pink known to man.
Manifested in the form of wrapping tissue, betty crocker decorative whipping cream, carebear cards, ringpop(!), bubble rings and the such.
Yup this is me refusing to age gracefully and totally deathgripping my last days of teenhood.

Kind of a throwback to the days of yore.. (And by that i mean holler, crazy SN girls)

School was school,
with extremely rushed car rides home + to #120 in between
but back in the nick of time to seriously fantastic seat placement (holler mr j! you are officially worth my ringpop.)


The after school special?
Dinner at:
"So where are we eating?"
"Oh le p something or another"... and I quote.
Casual Italian dining at Paris with suddenly singing servers.

Dinner was satisfactory, unsurprisingly filling and we were probably more intent on being old naggy ladies ..Investigating carson's junior high romance and (s)mothering him to no end on behalf of 'halfway around the world' helen.

My funny valentine(s).



In other news,
All out family time this CNY weekend! Mom got in the 14th and we'll be complete come tomorrow.



SHUMIN said...

ringpop! ohmygosh,i used to adore those along with pushpop. yeh I know exactly what you mean about jessica over elizabeth ha ha
ESPPPPP in senior high.
but ayeee in middle school i used to like elizabeth more heh

sarah said...


huis! said...

cant believe you havent blogged in more than a week. PLEASE LEARN FROM ME. do it everyday! religiously!