Sunday, February 11, 2007

there is no beginning to the story

Boris Lermontov: "The Ballet of The Red Shoes" is from a fairy tale by Hans Andersen. It is the story of a young girl who is devoured with an ambition to attend a dance in a pair of Red Shoes. She gets the shoes and goes to the dance. For a time, all goes well and she is very happy. At the end of the evening she is tired and wants to go home, but the Red Shoes are not tired. In fact, the Red Shoes are never tired. They dance her out into the street, they dance her over the mountains and valleys, through fields and forests, through night and day. Time rushes by, love rushes by, life rushes by, but the Red Shoes go on.

Julian Craster: What happens in the end?

Boris Lermontov: Oh, in the end, she dies.


Okay if you assume that the lack of activity on this blog links directly to a lack of activity in my life,

Then I must say you are sorely, sorely mistak.. Okay no actually I think you would be quiite right.

My days have been spent:
- Baking, oh how i love thee.
-Studying for stats with 3 bags of chips and calculators with hello kitty motifs.
- Hotpot craziness followed by
- Penny pinching mahjong, literally.
- More time at the Thomas & Mack Center the past week than the past 3 years combined


Finally went for our first basketball game wednesday night in a show of school spirit.
And who knew we had so much of it in us?
By the end of the night we were chanting like fans gone wild.

The usual mall time over the weekend, and spending way too long at the laura mercier counter and oh! Seeing Patty Hou.
As much as I loathe to admit it, she's actually very pretty in person, tiny tiny teeney and does have that delicate newscaster voice. And she has great skin. But being the quintessential crazed fan, yah I still can't get over her being with jayjay though so.

All that before another game, this time vs. wyoming.
And this time, we got all decked out in school gear.

All this spirit took a while to muster.. You all know i'm the annoying spirit-y one, always being frighteningly enthused about school sports and the like back home. I mean... Hello st nicks track and field?! Hello AC rugby/polo?! And my undying devotion to Gracians/AA3/LD/Green House... Please. Half my school life was spent waving around bloody (painstakingly made) pom poms.

So coming here was a bit of a culture shock in that sense.
Everyone milled around, yeah the UNLV apparel is everywhere but I couldn't find any school spirit to save my life. And we tank at sports. It's actually a big reason i considered leaving vegas a while ago, but yeah. I think i've been officially sucked into .


Yup, so that's my mundane life everyone.


huis! said...


i know you didnt. but just to let you know....

huis! said...


sarah said...

U-N-L-V! er, REBELS!
(thats all i know. D:)
you know va, you make me miss vegas and unlv. very rare yknow?

SHUMIN said...

ehhhh i LOVE hans christian anderson! although hes got damn twisted fairytales. and ha ha your mahjong table is like mine in australia except I think you win by ONE point because you have a pink cloth.
I play mine on a rectangular table with... newspaper. anyway hope all's well and good with youuu va (:

your posts always make me damn happy dunno why.