Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SB07' - I/III

It takes me forever to churn out these entries (much to Sam's chagrin). And on hindsight.. I really can't figure out why.

Lunch around downtown San Jose and discussions about finding 'youngsters'
Fantastic dinner at yokohama with the kuduses. To die for uni and tofu salad, the never ending stream of free food from jane. And Akon music. Loud Akon music. With strobe lights.

Very decent dimsum for breakfast at canton delights..where we finally got to eat tang yuan in belated celebration of the last day of lunar new year.We got to show off our stellar mandarin skills to the encouragement of the cart-ladies.

More time around haight and ashbury.. Casual strolling and trolling for cheap finds. More importantly, where are the damn bathrooms?!

Hotpot feast later on
where the taste of home was in abundance.
Read: lou hei, tiger beer and the famous tiger/lion/some feline or another chili sauce.

Clab (clemence and sab) shredding ingredients/ tossing to a good year ahead
BFFs/ jane & stephy

Jane and I on the wii.

Day 3:
A beautiful morning around deanza where i sat in on their lit lecture.

I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Hullo, San Francisco.

The time in California really whizzed by to say the least.
Among the pictorially undocumented,
  • An amazing dinner at yokohoma
  • My first time in whole foods (!!)
  • I love whole foods.
  • Sopranos style antics (read: slipping receipts and IOU's under closed doors)
  • Swift money counting in the deanza parking lot
  • The sudden chill in SF the day i decided to wear shorts and subsequent (failed) attempts to buy pants
  • Late night swimsuit shopping
  • Attempts at making ondeh ondeh and kueh salat
  • Quite a fair amount of time on their wii and actually breaking into a sweat. I am not an athlete in any realm.
  • Plenty of trips to (my favorite) Marina.. Asian supermarkets are happy places.
  • My first falafel!
  • Visiting Marin and leaving with bags full of snacks. And fresh picked lemons.
  • And A-LOT of me contentedly vegging out in 'kuduskingdom' aka the kudus home surrounded by enough food to feed a (not-so) small army.
Well before I knew it, we were sitting in the SF airport with some stale bread and cabbage soup (no, seriously) waiting to catch a red eye with a transit in Charlotte.

Next stop....


Edith said...

OMG, you had tiger !

me patiently awaiting for your arrival homie !

huis! said...

ni zai na li wo jiu kuai kan bu dao ni, ting bu dao ni