Wednesday, April 4, 2007

SB07' - II/III

Okay, so we were obviously bummed to arrive to a rainy city. Apparently it was the first day Florida had seen rain in months. Good job, us!

Plenty of shopping around Sawgrass Mills, ain't no torn contact lens gonna dampen our shopping spirits. Sam's 'ingenious' card-in-eye trick... Let's just say I haven't laughed so hard in ages.
Then the first of very many long car rides through Florida.
Fort Lauderdale -> Vero Beach

I think it is the absolute coolest thing that uncle tony has a mini trampoline in his house which he jogs on every morning whilst singing along to videos playing on mtv.

After a morning and half an afternoon chock full of property sightings,
Vero Beach -> Orlando


And what's the first thing we do?
why....... EAT, OF COURSE.

So, holler! You ginormous turkey leg.
(The lady behind me is clearly impressed.)

We sure did the whole 'Magic Kingdom experience' thing,
Oh you know, beautiful carousels, the visiting of Minnie's abode, the quintessential spinning teacups, spotting fake johnny depp's in the PotC ride, (me) reluctantly riding baby roller coasters, cruising around in Pooh's hunny pots, getting in on Stitch's big adventure, shooting neon targets with Buzz.. And of course we just had to buy a gamut of overpriced food and unnecessary souvenirs.

I look hammered.

Yup, this is us cavorting on the carousel.

We're a little obsessed with eeyore.

'Go-karting'.. in quotation marks
Because it was on a track and there was no speed nor control to speak of.


The fireworks display was incredible.. And a terrific way to end a long day.
Ah Disneyworld, where dreams (are supposed to) come true.

The Winter park sidewalk arts fest
Our first activity mingling with native Floridans and perusing random art pieces but mostly i was just hungry and really looking forward to lunch.

We then scrambled to the airport and hopped on an intrastate flight on one of the smallest commercial planes to still fly.
I swear.

19 seats, and an aisle as wide as the length of my foot.

"Where's the beverage cart?"

Last Stop,
Orlando -> ...


take home some lovin' said...

i thought my flight was the worst it could get 10 rows on United. but hey, we had space for a beverage cart! hi vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

marns said...

Tell me that's Robert Frost's poem in your previous post! :) Where have you been. Why are you never online anymore.

huis! said...

orh. so now .. like that la.

so now, go disneyland want to haolian la.

nabz (nabei), I EAT BAKCHORMEE AT THOMSON then you know. i go orchard road, go sweat under the singapore sun, go and act merlion.

(gyrates a little)