Monday, April 16, 2007


...-> MIAMI, BABY.

What's that Will Smith ditty circa 99' again?
Welcome to Miami
Bienvenidos a Miami

Yes, it's finally the friggin' final installment of the most dragged out blog-entry trilogy ever.
We can (yes, finally) get back to real time after this extensive post.


So we arrived in the evening on our little jet and had dinner at a charming Italian place around the Brickell area with to die for baked brie (which incidentally i have been trying in vain to recreate.) I got to meet more of Sam's family and crashed at Chris' and Caroline's diviiine place for the night.
Dinner was followed by a night in with O'Brad and his conniving ways.

Breakfast the next morning at beautiful Coconut Grove,
Superb food, magnificent weather.. It was well worth the 20 minute wait.

En route.

Yup, no self-respecting tourists can (or will) visit Miami without a trip down to ol' South Beach.
Albeit chilly at times, the beach was charming and walking the boardwalk with Sam, Christine, Caroline, Ben & Jerry was an experience to remember.

But much as the beach was beautiful and I've heard about the crazy things that can only happen in Miami,
My biggest draw to Miami this time was....

In fact, Miami to me meant My-Ami.
Those in the loop know my unhealthy obsession with all many things Ami James.

No, we didn't get to see a single member of the crew. So no Núñez either.
My fantasy (among others) about being Ami's Number 6 (you don't want to know) didn't quite materialize that day but i was consoled by the fact that i wasn't the only one being all tourist-y and snapping photos outside the shop. I really don't think I've seen a more crowded tattoo parlor in my life.

In retrospect, we only spent less than 24 hours in Miami..
But it was awesome in all the right ways.
Till 2008, Miami, till 2008.

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