Monday, April 23, 2007

school ties

This is going to be one hell of a long one.

Who did you hang out with?
Oh a plethora of people.

Huis is probably the only one i've remained completely close to for all 4 years and till this day too. Probably never ever gonna change.
I was really close to marns and j from the P5 and 6 days and I really don't know what led to our formation but before i knew it 7 of us were "the 49ers".. Hell i even remember sitting in the canteen at 5ish after school and using a CALCULATOR to figure out a group name. At one point sam and i kind of hated each other i think. Oh looky how far we've come (Hello best flen.)

And then we fell apart and then 3 of us named ourselves "the loners".

And then one thing led to another and
Then the "JEEMS"
And then to the "Tentacles"
And thus it has stayed.

Yes i find all the darn clique names a little disconcerting too.

Er but chronologically
Sec 1: huis, 49ers (joanne, marns, sam, dith, me, j, steph tan)
Sec2: huis, 49ers, judith (whose mom thought i was a bad influence which i really don't agree with.), the people from serangoon gardensss. a lot of time spent at sgcc and around gardens)
Sec3: huis, sam and i became total soulmates, jeems, (j, dith, me, marns, sam), jiang, fruit gang (huis, vern, pau, junia, robin)
Sec4: huis, classroom bestie = char, jewems (jeems & wyn) + lils (huis, ve, char, claud)= TENTACLES (10 of us)

What sports did you play?
Well in sec 3 and beyond we had our weekly morning jog (1.2 km man) which i routinely complained about.
Then there was PE.

But mostly, a lot of Cheerleading.
A lot of my life was spent in something related to cheerleading or drama.

It's Friday night, where were you?
At home, tired and complaining about how bloody tiring LD/Cheer prac was.

Were you a party animal?
Well we did have some parties that at the time we thought was the coolest thing.
Remember the August babies (j, sam, ve)'s birthday party at 12A Ford Avenue? And our theme: ROYALTY.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have that picture up in my room now.

Were you considered a flirt?
Oh no. No no no. Painfully squeamish and squealy around the people I liked (and there were a fair amount.) I would find all ways to look for them and then avoid them.

Were you in a band?
Thanks to Sam's reminder, yah kind of.
In LD we (sam, yogs, chary, charo, vern, me) had those old school mics (or wait. brooms?) and did a terrific (oh shut up.) rendition of A1's 'same old brand new you'
And V.H.E (vern, huis, me). HAHAHAHHA.

What were the hottest songs among your school mates?
Eiffel 65 : Blue (dabedeee dabedaaa)
Evan and Jaron: crazy for this girl - Oh yup the lyrics to this song were splashed all over many student diaries.
A1: Like a rose
Westlife: if i let you go: emolicious.
Simple Plan: I'M SORRRRY I CAN'T BE PERRRFECT - okay i admit i loved them.

Yah we were damn (un)cool.

Who were your fave teachers?
Actually i liked panlaoshi in sec 1.
Her remedial lessons were quiiite useful.

Miss Heng of course.. This is going to be damn cliche but she never gave up on meeee.

Where did you sit during lunch?
Er in the canteen? Anywhere airy and empty. If not Sam could scare the little ones away with her glares.

What was your school's full name?
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

School mascot?
Father Barre

Did you go to prom?
But basically i remember hide and seek in haunted hotel rooms. Oh and playing pool at partyworld post prom.

If you could go back and do it again, would you?
Oh heck yes. Best years of my life.

What do you remember most about graduation?
Oh the song.

And my mother making an impromptu stop at the ballroom in her jogging gear on her nightly walk around the neighborhood.

What was your fav class?
If i'm forced to pick one, probably lit?

Were you a mean senior?
Honestly I wasn't. I think we just laughed a little bit too much and too loudly at certain characters.
I think our seniors were (much) more.. Formidable.

Which was the most memorable place in your school?
Well the drama studio.
Upper concourse.. Lots of cheerprac there and the gym.

And the canteen of course.
And i remember never clearing our plates.
Yay for good school citizens aka prefects who scolded us but cleared the dishes anyway.

And the 3/4Grace classroom of course.. Our beautiful blue skies. YEEAH UNDERDOGS.

Where did you go most for lunch?
If we had to go back to school, the Macs across the street, taohuay store, and OMG BUBBLE GEL.
But if not, mostly to town though.. Yoshinoya?

Have you gained weight since then?
YES. No exercise and American sized portions a fat girl maketh.

What did you do after graduation?
Nothing much. Waited to go to AC. A lot of madmonks and SOS.

Who was your form teacher?
Sec 1: Miss Chew
Sec 2: "Buddha" God i hated her she was so mean.
Sec 3 & 4: Miss Heng

Concluding thoughts?
Okay so I really wonder where Kat Kuang is now
Man i wanted to be a girl guide very badly after seeing her. (Then LD came along and the rest as they say is history.)
Anyway I remember standing outside her container classroom and passing a letter to her through her classmate. OMG TRIP SCIENCE SO COOLZ.
wah i really sacrificed myself. I even remember lip syncing to Christina Aguilera's 'Reflection' many times in front of unassuming voters.. wearing my mother's reading glasses, a bright yellow scrunchie and omg pink pajama pants. I then magically transformed into a cheerleader and pranced around like a prat.

My tendencies to pilfer off the (literal) PM board.
Ah the ol' pinafore and tie look.

Very very very good times with the finale people. I think that was when i started to really fall back in love with LD. No wait. Okay I fell back in love with drama post drug camp. And more during promenade.

Gracians.. Lights and joys of my life. we really bonded and it just felt like such an underdog thing, you know? The classroom painting, the debate competition.. Making Mrs Seah and Miss Heng cry (er.) Okay i must stop now or I never will.


I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love, it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me



huis said...

shit man, your memory is CRAZY!!!

let's just all be time travelers. or ask ve to set up a company next time and everyone can just work in there together again. meanwhile, ve can give periodical dental checkups, you can be in charge of HR dept, vern for PR, i will do finance and accounts, sam is like director, we will need mascots. oh ..

yh said...


you ..

gave me a hanger for vday.
wrote me letters on graph paper.
acted for my campaign.
eternalized my fingers as, porkchops.
i.e. you made yogiepogie.

ps band was called AFTERLIFE. i remember such things. winner.


Edith said...


omg crazy ass days of back stabbing and like .. mad crazy buy more frieed wanton days

aiya va va :( i miss you man
i want to be a time travellor, these few days got me thinking alot really. OH well and your blog entry was like timely.

huis! said...

mich wants me to tell you to read this if you havent, esp the past entries. i dunno whats it about either. HEH

marns said...

Hahahaha HI VA, I love reading back on SN times. Promenade. I totally forgot about Promenade.. I was a flag barrier while you were shining on stage. Heh heh. <3