Sunday, May 6, 2007

peeking is stealing the life you don't share

A post before final papers come a'knocking.

Oh the things I do to them sometimes.

Spreading the love propaganda.

All in exchange for a night of food from home (holler prima packs!) to celebrate the completion of my crazy 18 page paper.
Mee siam, curry, bak kut teh, (frozen) prata and good ol' yeo hup seng drinks galore last weekend.
You can take the girl outta Singapore but.......

lychee love/ omgitsheartattack!
The Lot.


And Finals week starts tomorrow.
(Mucho gracias chary for the much-needed luck. I appreciate it tremendously despite your somewhat retarded responses. You're the absolute hutest.)


marns said...

When i opened the page i saw just you with the flag, then i scroll down see all your friends with it hahaha damn funny ah. Anyway lotsa luck!! Love :)

huis! said...

good luck for your papers

and then come home

sarah said...

i thght of you right away!