Sunday, July 8, 2007

july, july

My month in a nutcase. (HA HA HA NERDY NLB JOKES)
A little unhappiness, some alcohol induced debauchery, and a whole lot of wurky de wurk (that means a whole lot of 4ever-ness. Every day i thank my lucky stars i have you lot of crazies)

Annnd the occassional flu bug. I totes got the deluxe pack: the turbulent and thunderous mid-night coughing fits, clumps of dried up tissue paper strewn all over the room and finishing a box of strepsils in 3 days.

Okay so the month thus far.
- Rushed KTV seshes straight after work (described far better by the ktv king herself):

dips and varibo

9kids 8smokers 7supercults 6drinks 5blackies 4girls 3bcc 2mic 1remote

best singer: vern (loudest, screaming)
best dancer: drake (xie ting feng wannabe)
best smoker: pau (smoke the most)
best remote holder: va (keep pressing stop)

system was bad, next time shall choose another place.
not enough for so many ppl to sing within 4 hours.
and a worst BEAR game i ever had... haha...
- Saturday nights at Hard Rock,


- And the strange realization that Thursdays at Play are one of the few constants in my life.

Play it for the girls.


And oyes!
The sudden lock-chopping.
I finally took the leap! New month, new start.... new hair. Haha just leave it to a girl to associate hair with life. No lame analogies (yet).
These are all the photos i have now.. and they show me (very unflatteringly) going kind of flat-headed and completely batshit. Nevertheless, photos. NA, HUIS FOR YOU LA.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Hey, what's up?
I like your hair.
It's very nice.

You like his hair?
Oh, cool, thanks.
He probably appreciates that alot.

No, I wanted to say "I liked your butt" but I thought that was too forward y'know?


thebeautifuletd0wn said...

i went to ahpong's yesterday! and and and i'm leaving sooon! will i get to see you againnnn?

thebeautifuletd0wn said...

sorry this is rah in case you dunchnoez.

kaew lulu said...

so when will we have our next ktv session, ktv queen???
u still look pretty n adorable with ur new hair laaa...