Sunday, July 22, 2007


Proudly Present:

Greed – It’s Never Enough

It’s money, money, money everywhere as we cash in on THE RED CASINO on 26th July! Watch official venue sponsor St James Powerhouse get transformed into a mega million casino, and try your luck at the game tables, with ABSOLUTELY no stake needed on your part! Play against our banker to win vouchers from Topshop and Topman, VIP invites to upcoming events, and of course, a stash full of drink vouchers (trays of 10 shots for $50, 1-for-1, $5 basic spirits and the like) - Definitely enough to satisfy every Man’s Greed. Get hold of our stunning Bunny Girls for sweet treats and challenge them to a game or more.

This time, House NEVER wins!

St James Powerhouse
26 July Thursday, Doors open at 9pm
R&B/Hiphop All Night Long
Special drink promos all through the night

Pre-event tickets : $15 (includes one drink)
Tickets at the door : $20 (includes one drink)

And soon to come:
Spot yourself on our newly created website due to launch next week, and stand to win VIP invites, vouchers from Topshop and Topman, and even Membership to St James!

And this is only the very beginning..
Because we know, It’s Never Enough.

Please bombard/text/test/holler at L at 97986828 or email for details, tickets and VIP bookings.

[my teensy way of helping - sticky blog post till' the 26th.
ARE YOU FEELING THE LOVE, towkays v/p/l? ;]


adamandsteve said...

thanks va !

i love you little one. anyway i dunno whos adamandsteve. some gayboy has been using my mac but i dunno who.

EXCUSE ME, who;s adam or steve?

i'm gonna get my HP book now! yay :)

adamandsteve said...

btw is 4eVer here :)

Anonymous said...

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