Tuesday, August 7, 2007

kwerks at werk


(when we aren't being ridiculously hardworking, of course.)

We utilize post-its,

We create avant garde hairstyles,

We hug insanely tall people,


We eat, (and celebrate monthly Fruity Day! NLB rules that way. Free-flow fruits once a month. This month it was a tropical pa! ra! dise!)

We take (a lot of) photos,

From Adri

We have fun packing (what at the time seemed like 35 million) goodie bags,

From Adri

And most importantly
We camouflage.

Russ in a box.


The master.

(Yup... Tapin' up the box with Dith inside.)


Oh great now I miss CPO.

(P.S. I HK.)

1 comment:

SHUMIN said...

vaa, you have the BEST pout seriously. makes me feel like pinching your cheeks!