Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm a mess.

Mainly because my room pretty much looks like a tornado torpedo-ed it's way through it and left remnants of (a lot of) hair, dust, and random sides of earrings without their fellow comrades.

See this is weird considering i've already been back a week (more?) and for the most part my room has been looking rather (i use this word loosely) presentable. But now i've moved my same old brand new computer (not so long story but it's for another time) into my room and it now has to share a space with mr 'not-trusty-at-all' badunkadunk vaio. this has led me to packing up my make-up, giving up, and then leaving it all on the floor in a shoe-box.

Yes, this blog post (NO PHOTOS, JUST SO YOU KNOW.) is actually going somewhere. I'm pretty much taking all 3 of you through my past week.

So my room is in chaos and there's stuff everywhere (not forgetting the blue suitcase which is still there from a week (more?) ago)
SO this tells me i need to buy a new desk. For, you know. Same old brand new computer.

So I'm shopping
When i realize.. My wallet is practically growing mothballs.

Because, people.
Today was an excelllent day.

An excellent day when my CAR GOT FUCKING TOWED. (excuse my fr..)
Ya, no lie. So after a year at my (not anymore) favorite spot, my car got towed to the butt of no where. $150, finding out about the expiration of gad damned everything, getting lost and majorly losing the girls on the I15 later, I was finally home.

Dinner was all-you-can-eat sushi.. (Read: AYCE uni. sea urchin people. suffice it to say i will not be eating any more uni in the next month) with the girls.. And then followed by......

GAMES AND GAMES OF BRIDGE (at my place, with the girls and maenda green tea ice cream)
Yup.. My bridge obsession is still burning bright [hehe dith! supercults!], and let's just say I now have kakis that want to play bridge all the time. So i've been doing a great deal of that over the past week or so.. Playing the heck outta bridge.

When i'm not doing that.. I'm most likely to be found eating (yay cookout! dimsum! ... Or having boba (bobs) tea with team singapore (there are 4 of us now! more on that in a picture post) or laughing at/with team taiwan or hearing about team korea or celebrating 21sts in incredibly special ways: Aruba, anyone?

I'm also in a state of depression seeing how yvonne is leaving vegas for good.. tonight.
A sea of tears people, a sea of tears.



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missrustybones said...

GREAT VA :) then we can play bridge again when you come back okay :)

say, are you coming back in december?!

i miss youu 4evEr...