Thursday, October 25, 2007



I baked oatmeal cookies,

We got our hair cut in our very own makeshift salon aka doorstep of #1039

Annd we literally spent like 40 hours on our ass eating popcorn, crinkle cuts and cuttlefish whilst trolling youtube for clips and watching movies.

I know. How baller.

We eventually left the house for halloween shopping (and fresh air, among other things). I was just happy to get out of my pj's and into my mom's old crusty lace up ankle boots.

bowler hats, funny faces and hair in our eyes.

Think two hours of mayhem in a huge store filled to the rafters with people and every conceivable traditional-ish halloween costume. Oh, and no fitting rooms, so everyone was just walking around with pirate gear worn above jeans and kicks or getting their corsets tied by their boyfriends dragged along for the ride.

Mm hmm.

Ain't no love like trader joe's love.

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wyntay said...

wrongggggggg. of all the jewems i only read yours and sam's blogs. i click yours and sam's at an average of once a week. forgot to write because i was looking at the "friends" bookmark folder instead of the "jewems" bookmark folder. I <3 ALOT OKAY. WHEN ARE U COMING HAVE YOU GOTTEN A FLIGHT I'M SO EXCITEDI KEEP TELLING JO YOURE COMING PLEASE DONT BREAK ME HEARTTTTTT