Sunday, October 28, 2007

fangirl moment #982486

Plaid shirt?
Tantalizing kissy face?
Immaculate man-hands?
Enchanting, flawless-to-the-last-strand hair?
Suggestive, half-opened shirt (revealing an amazingly impeccable chest)?
Squinty, mesmerizing eyes (leading into a soul of wondrous wisdom and insight)?

Frighteningly incredible all-round perfection and plain ol' sex personified?

Color me infatuated.


huis said...

wah lao. fan girl until laosai ah.

Edith said...

hahaha like how i miss you babe.

i'd give it to you la, he's really quite cute.

samantha said...

he looks like Leo, my Korean friend at De Anza. hehe.