Wednesday, October 3, 2007

loopy loopy love


Confession time: I don't quite know how to blog without a plethora of photos punctuating every other word.

As expected, the past week has entailed bawling, whining, the requisite weepy chinese ktv songs, waking up and realizing my eyes won't open because the tears from yesternight managed to dry and by way of that, temporarily glue my eyes shut. Ah yes, breakups. But the past week has also seen plenty of roflmao times, numerous (i love you all more than you will ever know) long-distance calls/ texts/ facebook messages of love, nightly home-made dinners by my bestest girls and also cookouts by my best vegas boy (wassup dave we rly love bak chor mee), time with my favorite team-of-three singapore, non-stop laughathons with sahrah ♥ and random cantonese education (i.e. gossip) sessions.

There was closure, there is closure. The proverbial book really is (for severe lack of a better word).. closed.
I've come to see that the status is gone, but our relationship is still very much there. 3 years of history vs. a 2 hour phone call.. It's pretty easy to see which one (eventually) emerges victorious. The burden of being a couple stripped away, he is my best friend, my soulmate and someone who genuinely knows and accepts me at my very core. More often that not, he knows me better than I know myself and maybe some people go through forever without ever finding someone quite like that.. or... not but moving along~

So I consider myself lucky, I think.

Breakups are exhausting, of course.. but what's life without a couple of scrapes and bruises right? Oh, and I hereby promise to somewhat return to real time in the next post. JSYK.

Okay before the relentless optimism wears off < /post>

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