Thursday, November 1, 2007

pop the glock

After 2 OMGSTABMENOW papers last wednesday,
There was hotpot.

Annnd Indian poker.

Jerry on his 47385th loss.

shan & jerry

Us/ Calsoju
WHO'S TALLER?/ requisite high-angle shot

cotton-mouth much?

So it was fun. We (I) laughed a lot, we (I) lost a lot, and we (I.. wait. Actually this would be Jerry) drank a fair bit. We were at a happy place where everything seemed hilarious and even notably unfunny anecdotes about birds flying into glass buildings sent us into complete hysteria.

After I go back to bed and crash for 10 hours (like i should be doing now), eat a chocolate bundt cake, sort through photos, and recover from last night...
I promise Halloween photos.
I promise.. Many, many, many Halloween photos.

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