Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kickstart my heart

So this was the good part of this day. (aka the day i threw up 2 years worth of food. I exaggerate but omg it was awful. Also aka the first day i whipped out my camera in singapore!! )

unadulterated vanity- before the nausea kicked in

enthralled by j's new tiny computer

marnkie boo attempting to dive into our cup
ps. it was also that full when we left
it's times like this i miss tom and his beer guzzling skills

Food poisoning notwithstanding, the food was actually pretty decent
I barely got my fork in edgewise before j and marn's polished off their risotto/ linguine
Leaving me to my beer battered fish and chips......... Never again I tell you. NEVER AGAIN--

jae jae jae jae ♥

Sat at nectarie with dessert and people watched and caught up and told stories and bought expensive bottles of ice mountain and writhed and laughed and writhed some more (all me and my stomach).. But yay dinner again tonight