Sunday, June 8, 2008

must go to bed before sun rises

Case in point of my ridiculous sleeping hours.

Home from an evening of starlet sightings (feliciasrainbow/ fiona xiexieni i adore you both so), a much needed ketchup session with my favorite-est singapore girl, kickin' it old school with longjohn's and dithvernpau, and a mini shopping excursion.

Then we went westward: hola holland v! And pandan valley for some underground movements/ e! entertainment + hazelnut chocolates/ bridge + daidee fun/ cluedo with audedithjess/ scrabbley goodness where a 19 year old had to help me out the entire time and we realized that dith is a bona fide genius at the game. But my brilliant words like dota, ord and emo were not recognized. (my) Scrabble suckzz.
Oh and of course the first 2 games of the Euro2008 were on mm hmm but
I still can't believe emo isn't a legit word in the scrabble world. Nor neo.