Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/9/08: jewems at dinner

珠-溫-嘛-四 at 大上海

Our annual group excursion started at grand shanghai. One hour post reservation. (stephy, sorely missed )
And only after some major, kinda embarrassing but eventually extremely useful trend-leading action. It's like i'm speaking in code but really - no elaborations on our extreme ks-ness.

wyn on the phone/ sam chirpy as always
j concentrating on menu/ marns chatting to sam
dith eating from an empty spoon/ me pretending to use j's phone

Dinner was pretty fantastic.. But then my stomach started to ache halfway through the meal so that marked the end of the long beans and cloud shaped buns for me. The culprit? My 99¢ headband. YAH BRILLIANT VA. YOU'RE A REAL GENIUS.

doing the 'wyn as pictured in her driver's license' look
aka..... the perv look

wyn & dith gettin' jiggy to 1930's mandarin pop
mirror shot!

So my girlfriends are kind of the most fun people ever.
Or at least the most lunatic.