Monday, July 7, 2008

maxing out

I heereby claim full ownership of Samantha DS Kudus for the next 5 days on the grounds that the rest of you get her for 2 months and 5 measly days is all I get. NO BARGAINING.


So us 2 jobless nomads decided to spend our boundless amounts of free time doing what we do best: shopping and eating.

Sometimes simultaneously.

Methinks we did pretty well.. Scouring the stores and watching j get scorned by various shop attendants.. Plus j scored some intense, very poetic and tbh really beautiful jewelry. (But poetic yet grammatically incorrect? ok must return immediately. damn.)

j: ee i don't like orh lua

Met vern, bb, coley and dith later for some mj nourishment
And then + vic where we went to the '24 hour' hk cafe at kovan
- which isn't really open 24/7, btw. It closes at 2 on weekdays.. So the big ol' neon-yellow 24hour sign just means that they ''can' be open 24 hours: but only on weekends......

dealing for bridge

Ugh and my not eating thing became 'let's finish up cole's peanutbutter condensed milk thick toast'.. AH YES. IRON-CLAD RESOLVE. We sat and talked about crazy English weather and creepy fields and kebabs till they were packing up (IF THEY WERE OPEN 24 HOURS.....)