Monday, July 14, 2008


Back in vegas and I've survived my first day of summer sesh 3. The dry heat and the strange abundance of acid rain is a little unsettling. Anyway, it's been pretty chaotic so far.. We went straight to the supermarket to stock up and then a hop skip and a jump to 1039 - where i was greeted by strawberry pie and screaming girls. A handful of backlogged posts to come.

This post is about one of those saturday nights.

I spent a good part of this night (kinda drunk, but yeeeaaa) playing police/mommy to my little gaggle of geese. I was glaring at them menacingly through throngs of people.. Sending them 'I AM WATCHING YOU' signals... Being extremely maternal. And by maternal I mean exceedingly creepy.

We hit up Barfly for drinks and loud 90's music then Shiraz for shisha and belly dancer ogling.


We got suitably alkied out pretty early on into the night. Which probably explains the series of events that followed amidst my hawk-eyed trailing into the smoking room & subsequent venturing into a more.. whatchamacall.. rustic part of MOS.

We even saw my favorite "medieval whore"!! - I quote. Save for the mini 4am melodrama at spize I actually had a hell of a blast that night.