Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tiger beat

2 postlets in a row = one big post.

So we finally got our collective asses out to Mambo.

at spins
aww 4/7 clique shot

Zouk, as should be expected, was craaaazy.

Dith and I spent half the time sitting on the wooden benches, sweating puddles and people watching. And the other half walking into people and looking for lost and wandering friends in the masses. Plus countless bonus moments: when we were staring aimlessly into the night sky at the smoking deck/ little ledgey area between copthorne and zouk, when we ventured into zouk but being n00by we were quickly frightened away by the crowds, and dith's cellphone miracle.. Apparently chivalry is not dead.

playing footsie

Supper after at BTK.. And then some mini-drama (!!) - Storming out of cars and all included. But everything was resolved after a quick drive around the block and a couple of "SORRY LA"'s yelled out the window.. Mini melodrama solved and the night came to a close. OK GOOD NIGHT WORLD*