Saturday, August 16, 2008

barby kew at hkw's

I never quite got why Summer was supposed to be synonymous with barbecues.. But we're tradition-following lambs like that. And thus we barbecued.

prep work
we ♥ fresh & easy

up high down low

fixated on men's gym

jon being a heck of a master chef
foiled up final products!!

jerry capsizing on his kiddy sized float

Jon was manning the grill all night even though he had a plane to catch that very night. And the grill meister he was.. Churning out all the food like a champ. All this while us young un's were sitting out back watching (mocking) Jerry (try to) handle the pool float.

one of 2739 mirrors at jon's
janey looking a little buzzed

Anyway we ate, we watched the Olympics and we made plenty of merry.
Jane subsequently got sooo sick.. All the heat from the weather and the heatiness of the BBQ and their late night soirées at Revolution did not help things.

She's now down with an awful case of laryngitis and can only rely on old wive's tales (warm isotonic drinks/ sarsi + salt) to get her through.. And plenty of Nyquil and Tylenol and Pi Pa Kao. Poor baby :(

PS. Why buy a Mac if you can't mercilessly abuse photobooth?

check check my bubblegum pink nails

Tonight... We get silly.