Friday, August 29, 2008

hb, jcxy

happy campers at the top of the night

Even with all the mayhem that night, nothing quite came as a surprise.
After all.. The Chi-man himself was turning a not-so glorious 23.

Pfjshhh, as usual - Tao was chaotic. Packed to the rafters with plenty of Asian kids much like myself. And Californians from here to Pasadena.

Described in utter jibberish, this was 08/17:
Jostle jostle drink drink No Peter no Petron okay thank you OMG not good OOH sparklers Where's kevin Where's tom Where's kevin Where's tom At tao beach WHERE'S TOM?? With Jerry -- um he's outside air-'snowboarding'.........

happy birthday fool'

sitting outside watching j.c's performance

drunk as hale

mmmmm kay

us collectively doing this:

And as we were dutifully doing barf duty......
Hello, boys.

oh chris....
(check leona's expression in the background.. priceless gf moment)

And all these Da Vinci's went wild with the hotel ballpoint pen and leona's sad, sad eyeliner -

finding joy in posing with the unconcious
kisses for pete pete

It was quite a night.
Drunken boys? Check.
Making a ruckus in a hotel room in Vegas? Check.
Drawing graphic genitalia on passed out faces? Check.

I honestly think I'm too old for this.
Someone buy me a senior citizen pass.