Sunday, August 31, 2008


friendly push!

A month ago I was en route to SD to visit my familia when the plane I was on experienced some seriousssss turbulence. Like major cup-flying, OJ was in my cup now it's in my lap- type of turbulence. And at that moment I held on crazy tight to my cross (I am a horrible Christian) and pretty much had this running dialogue in my head.

"Dear God there is so much I haven't done and so little I have." (repeat 26x) I said the Lord's Prayer a bunch of times then for some reason I fell asleep and when I woke up I was almost there. Safe and sound.


I really tend to overreact.
Seriously I can be so melodramatic sometimes -_-

And that you know, I should be more grateful for everything I have. And I should realize that not every little thing should affect me quite as much as it does. That I can't ever please everyone, and I shouldn't have to dumb myself down, let myself be pushed around or play the role of a clown/ juvenile just to gain acceptance.

I refuse to fall prey to the negativity around me.

When I feel the familiar air of post-teenage angst/ victimized anger creeping up on me I WILL THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS -- 京京! nutella! waffles! nutella filled waffles! family! girlfriends! HIMYM! health! sleep! delicioso food! scrubs! HAPPY THOUGHTS, HAPPY THOUGHTS, HAA-PPPYY TH-O-UGHHTS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS.

Negativity breeds negativity - And frankly i'm tired of you all (both) thinking that you can always bully me into submission and/or take out your moods on me because you know i'll take it.

Cathartic. Liberating. EXCLAMATION POINT!