Thursday, September 11, 2008

hot hot heat

end of summer heat-wave = blistering 101F hell

It's mid-september and the heat is finally showing signs of relenting..

I still think it's completely absurd that it gets up to over 100F in the day, even though the drop down to the 70's at night is really pretty friggin' wonderful. I have to resist keeping my door open all night long to enjoy the cool breeze just because of the dang frogs and flies...... Well and thieves and felons and riffraff of course. You never quite know who's lurking round the neighborhood on any given night.

Pretty soon I know I'll be whining like hell about the freezing cold though. So I better shuddup, carpe the heck outta diem, and relish the last few days of summer.

Me and my 84 pairs of shorts.