Tuesday, September 16, 2008

starting september

five pairs of legs
september grass

A couple of weekends ago we collectively fell asleep on some synthetic grass.
We KOed for almost two hours post-yardhouse.. Where I think we all had way too much to eat and the beer in our (my) bellies were crying out for some lie down time.

And so we did.

like logs

The Sunday after, to celebrate the dawning of 09/2009 & david's 22nd*

There was some pre-dinner debauchery (p. pressure x10000) which led to giggling. A lot of everything-is-suddenly-the-beesknees kind of giggling. Dinner after was fantastic (thanks for the prep/cookwork guys), as were the sharing seshes curbside/ on the balcony. Which really proves my point about the night air in Vegas being so splendid lately.. There really isn't any other way to deal with the coming of Fall than to milk the 12a.m 75F weather. ♥ ♥ ♥