Friday, October 3, 2008


  • Dealt with a major departure.
  • Watched the full 2008 V.P debate and simultaneously gained newfound respect/disdain for politicians
  • Felt utter and complete helplessness at the state of the U.S. economy as it is
  • Heard the words bailout and bankruptcy and crisis (subprime, economy, gas, bank - basically, everything is going to sh*t) and 'have you registered yet?' (i can't, but thanks) about 35x more than really necessary.
  • I mean, really. I worked my butt off in school and all I got is this crappy economy.
  • Went to school ONCE and became completely knackered because of it. Oh deary me.

  • Spent an absurd - Like... a ludicrously absurd amount of time on my computer.
  • Also sleeping. Sleeping like a dead log. If a log could be any more dead it would be me.
  • Finished 4 seasons of Entourage. Now I just want to quote Ari Gold all day long.
  • ..Whilst chowing down on 12 chocolate muffins.
  • ..... Also polished off an entire bag of salt & vinegar potato ships in 1.5 sittings
  • Started watching cheesy as all hell HK drama serials.. with storylines of vampires with bleeding eyes and men pretending to be rocks. OMG.
  • Discovered my utter conservativeness after a night of album sightings. Good Lord young people these days..........
  • Continued (3 months and counting.. People who know me well [and thankfully still tolerate love me] understand that that is almost an eternity in vafatuation years) falling head over heels:

aside from matching shirts
is there really any other gauge for trulove

This week I proved that I just might be a very large excuse of a human being. I'm surprised I haven't festered into my study chair. At least the weekend looks set to be better and NEXT WEEK - I PROMISE TO LIVE.