Monday, October 20, 2008

restless farewell


I rushed like a crazy woman after school to the new unofficial adieu restaurant - The Cheesecake Factory. Unlikely, I realize. And I know I know.. Aren't we ~classy~? Anyway after talking it through we find that we've already had 3 farewell dinners at the place. Kinda sad.. And calamari filled.

the canto crew!


Yay Honey Pig!! Our new favorite Korean BBQ haunt. We had to double up the orders halfway throughout the meal because we were chowing down like it was the end of the world.

chris & i looking like strangers/ j.c/ aww girls

more food please

We ate.. a lot. And for those who haven't tried barbecued kimchi.. YOU'RE MISSING OUT. ON A WONDROUS GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE. MUST. TRY. NOW.

jane ♥/ lol 古惑女 on the loose

janey - having a good laugh

Red Mango for after-dinner dessert where I spotted an obnoxiously adorable bicycle. Even the chains were burgundy links of awesomeness. If I had to ride one of these things around town.. You can bet it would look a lot like this.

highlighter candy colored bike ftw

Two days after this night, Martina left for home. Our numbers are depleting rapidly and it's scary but hey.. the future beckons. Right?