Tuesday, October 14, 2008

get high like planes


like planes in the sky


That same weekend in SD, we had a mini-reunion of sorts. And it was 80 different kinds of wonderful :] The girls drove down in time for lunch and we had our fill of naan, tandoori, butter chicken and paneer.. Whilst having a shiny silver truck reflect the hell outta the sun right into the eyes of marns and j. (Refer to photo of them in sunglasses. Inside the restaurant.)

Then we (Read: J) went shopping and spent 20 minutes deciding on the perfect jewelry holder.

time for dessert!

We decided to try out Extraordinary Desserts, as recommended by a band of sisters (mine, sam's).. Turns out? Not so much extraordinary as just plain ol' ordinary. But their attention to detail was remarkable.. Pretty little rosettes and plenty of garnish. (And very misleading vanilla bean pods. HAHA MARNSS)

vanilla bean crème brûlée

We also tried to pretend like..... Yeaaah I don't know either.

posers de maximus

More shopping (Read: Still J) later on as it started to get colder and colder.. We walked around and then eventually decided to go to target then head home with a giant family (j: correct what! we're family!!) sized bucket of KFC. Healthy living. Plus we keepin' it real.

I love you guys x500000 for coming down to see me (esp sammy for driving). And for our absolutely ridiculous/ gut-splitting photobooth moments. Yup, we're stupidest around each other.. And sometimes I think we bring out the worst in each other (in a good way. Oh you know..). It's always real when we're together, absolutely no bullsh*t or fakery either way.. OH I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS. 10 years and counting = ain't no lie ♥



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