Tuesday, November 18, 2008

head spinnin around like roller derby

Blog post.. Cliffnotes style.

2 WEEKS AGO, WE (left vegas. and):
  • Did breakfast at Yi Mei - My first authentic Taiwanese breakfast ever - Granted, in sunny ol' Rowland Heights, CA.. But oh well same difference. Unsweetened soy milk, egg pancakes, rice rolls, dumplings, carrot cakes.. The works.

breakfast of champs
  • And we were off. 2 hours later, we were in San Diego!
    As expected, we were fed like starved grizzlies.

required couch shot

sisterly love/ major trepidation with b
(p.s. ISN'T HE HUGE?!)

  • Post-lunch food coma

  • But the tourists in us refused to back down.

of postcards and churches

  • Back to the hotel.
    We then took like, 200 self-timer shots. Will not subject you to those.

    The photo below was taken after 70 extremely exasperating minutes circling the area looking for parking & watching the SD downtown crowd go nuts. The Halloween atmosphere was palpable and therefore funnily enough - us not being in costume = much stranger than being in costume.

    You're just going to have to take my word for the events that followed. We pretty much walked around and tried to soak in as much of the ambiance as possible. We eventually ended up at Altitude - Which I pretty much fell in love with. 22nd floor skybar? Scenic? Comparatively cheap drinks? Big bonfire? NO COVER CHARGE? = Win.

starting the night off
  • For some reason I only took 3 photos on Saturday. Suffice it to say we didn't do anything much constructive. Save for us arriving at the doorstep of Legoland and realizing the exorbitant ticket prices. (Cue vulgarities.) We went back to LA and I think we slept some more. 3rd street, blah blah Santa Monica blah blah. Shopping not so blah blah. Dinner at Buddha's belly where we discovered we make crappy Asians. It's just simple math guys.. Just simple math.

dinner -
jane in the bg is laughing at our severe lack of mathematical prowess

  • Sunday morning dimsum. Cos we Chinese like dat.

雪山包 = spectacular

precious gems/ JEMS (and standing in order too!)
  • Janey and I then left the T-squared pair and went on a mini adventure of our own. All in the vicinity of Rosemead of course.. I know. Aren't we daredevils. But we got some pretty good dessert/ red bean buns/ 鴛鴦 on the way.

  • 2 hours later, with our tummies filled with glutinous rice and hong kong styled iced coffee, we proceeded to get a bit more lost en route to Arcadia and the mysterious Au 79 or 17 or 18 or WHATEVER/WHEREVER. Bloody impossible to find. Sat around having idle chit chat in a group of 10 till the sun was gone and then it was..
  • Good night California, good night.