Tuesday, November 4, 2008

for hopes, not fears

*nerd alert*

I'm awfully excited to veg out at home all day today - And not in the way I usually do.

Today I break away from the minutiae of my usual routine and it's snacks in hand, eyes glued to CNN (I find the bias quite comforting. But then the thoughts/threats of the Bradley Effect also tenfolds.. So frightening. It's at times like this I wish I *could* go out and stand in line all day and vote. Annnnd if I lived in CA you know I would be picketing NO ON 8 with every fiber of my being. SERIOUSLY AMERICA. PROP 8 IS DIVISIVE AND DISCRIMINATORY AND JUST PLAIN WRONG. Ugh to be an Alien......)

The ads, the internet wave, the furor in school - I have never been as excited for anything related to politics (Strike that. I have never even been excited for anything politically related. Ever.) Although it's inevitable that I feel a little helpless and left out - Really I don't even have rights in this country. No, really I don't. But maybe on some level I'm envious of the genuine freedom they have, that every vote truly does count here. That democracy is a very real ideal here - not just another word thrown around loosely like.. Some other places.

This presidential election has been so electrifying thus far.. And tbh it's been exhilarating to live here and watch the entire process up close. It's inspiring to watch people come together for Change and it's truly exciting to watch America on the cusp of something new, something humongous, and something (potentially) great.

Anyway after what seems like an interminably long time, 11/4's finally here. With my fingers crossed and my kettle chips.. Today is gonna be a helluva day and I know I've rambled plenty but I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!

PS. I'll be dammmned if I miss Indecision 08 tonight - Colbert + Stewart = Gold.