Thursday, December 4, 2008

december disdain

J: "You managed to do this whilst.. SOBER?!"
Me: ................ -_-

4th time, 15,000 miles, 3 years.. I'm a real champ.
Unfortunately - I had a humongous final presentation an hour after this shiner happened, so I had to leave my car at home (yes, I scored a flat on the way out of my house. Champion mode.) and get a ride from a group mate who was already in school + go for another farewell dinner + come home to.. sleep. So my car is a pretty slanted mess (with 2 mega gaping holes in it's front-left wheel) in the parking lot right about now.

To pep myself up, this is what I'm doing:

X'MAS RADIO at 8a.m.
+ timmy's hot choc = escapist Momentary bliss.