Saturday, March 7, 2009

the shock of lightning

A month ago, we celebrated Rahzzle's birthday ♥


Step 1: Wake up too early in the morning to horde supplies (including sparklers, old school paper balls, heart (kitten) shaped balloons, glowsticks and cakestands) + rush down to venue of choice to decorate.

Step 2: Pick Birthday Girl up, blindfold her, hide a friend in the backseat, and take her to destination of choice. Even with BG's keen sense of direction (blindfolded no less. Rah: "I was guessing it would be Marina because you turned left at Rochor....." OMG RAH.), she is guaranteed to let out a yelp or two.


Step 3: Free her, let her soak in the windiness/ sights of Singapore, feed her popiah and let her (and us) get drenched by sprinklers of blessings.

popiah paradise

Step 4: Put the blindfold back on BG and the merry-go-drive continues. Even though at this point 2 people have blundered. (1: June telling her mother about our venue, 2: Va cleverly telling plyn instructions for the surprise... When Rah was standing right behind them. %*(^&@#!)


Step 5: Play with prepared props in the room and take photos with glow sticks and mini packs of bak kwa. And eat what is now known as.. THE BEST SH*T EVER.

Step 6: Play round after round of Homo with BG and her sneaky partner huis. ("EH PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE")

Step 6: Wander around Ann Siang with BG. Give her a piggyback ride, take Singapore Girl photos with her, and just permeate her senses with our general... Silliness.

big love!

class photo

of fly kicks, practice squats and hooligans in da house

Step 7: Hope BG enjoys the surprise half as much as her crazy friends enjoyed planning it.
PS. Rah, I think we'll never be half as good as you when it comes to crafting these surprise party things. But it was a valiant effort... Right? :]

♥ ♥ ♥