Friday, April 24, 2009

in case you were wondering

i've got too many questions in my mind
i've got too many answers to find
can i give up all i've imagined?
am i imagical enough for this to happen?

because i like you, i like you, i like you, i like you
and like can lead to like like and like like can lead to love
as sure as the stars above i'd really like to kiss you (**** you)



It's kinda hard not to love me some Scrubs.

Life has been floating on just like.. So. For some inexplicable reason I have not felt the burning need to go out and actually do something and the people around me (parents included, save for some routine nagging) have not been discouraging my sloth.

Apparently there are plans written for me in the sky (by that I mean it seems like the folks have spontaneously shoved me in their plans) and now all I'm supposed to do is.. this. The only thing they don't know yet is that I may have kinda sorta made some plans of my own (what?! shock.) and from now on I may kinda sorta have to cart a mammoth orange book around that I should live breathe and ingest for the next 4 months. CRYPTIC, I KNOW. But that's kinda sorta the point.

Oh I don't know. For now I think I may be contented with staring at my plush ice-cream cone dangling from the corner of my laptop and remembering everything it reminds me of.